Advertising services

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What advertising services do we offer, and what can you expect?

Adwords advertising

Advertising on Google Adwords can be very expensive, but also very profitable, if done right. There are many ways to advertise via Adwords, and the stuff we use the most are Google`s Search Network, Display network and Video advertising.

Facebook advertising

Advertising on Facebook does not work via keywords, like with Adwords, so targeting is not as precise. But, Facebook does give you a lot of options when creating advertising campaigns for desktop and mobile devices. You can also pay by click or impressions (how many times your ad has been displayed). You can also set metrics such as age, sex, geo location, interests of your target audience, etc.

Instagram advertising

Instagram allows for photo and video advertising (up to 30 seconds), and so called “carousel” ads, that can display more than one photo at once. Each ad on Instagram can have a short description, in which you can set a sort of a caption for the photo and tell the visitors what they are seeing. You can also invite them to find out more information on an external link.

Do you need a more detailed insight into our services, so that you can be sure in what exactly you will receive from us, and what our obligations are?