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PROJECT: Web development & marketing for Nippon Shotokan Karate Club Vienna

CLIENT: Nippon Shotokan Karate Club, Friesgasse 12, 1150 Vienna, Austria

DURATION: 6 weeks

The new website was tailor-made according to wishes, needs and marketing goals of our client. It was developed as a responsive website, where the width and content organisation are adapted to the resolution and width of the screen. This makes the site much more usable on mobile devices. website was designed as a responsive website, where the width and content organisation are adapted to the resolution and width of the user’s screen.

  • Robert, coach and owner, Karate Club Nippon, Vienna

    “We have more membership requests than last year!”

    I`d like to point out that in the last couple of months we've had more applications than in similar periods last year, and the sole reason is our new website. That has been confirmed by our newest club members that applied a couple of weeks ago. They say that the website`s appearance is professional and genuine, and very different from other karate websites. In a city like Vienna, where competition is big, it is very important to distinguish yourself from others and transmit your message to your clients in an effective way. Thanks to WebConstructors, we managed to do just that. This is why we recommend them to everyone that want to make an impression onto their target audience. Not only are WebConstructors great experts, they are also very accesible, understand individual needs, and are always there to help and give a good advice when one is needed.
Website management section
Website management section

The biggest issue the old website had (except for the aged design) was a non-existent content management system. The only way to edit content on the site was to manually edit the static HTML files by using a software such as Dreamweaver. The new website uses WordPress for managing content. Most of the content blocks are arranged intuitively by using the drag and drop interface, which makes the whole process that much simpler.

Animated elements on the homepage
Animated elements on the homepage – project summary

Nippon Karate Club project was carried out through the following notable segments:

  • development of a responsive WordPress based website, together with tailoring the WordPress back end according to the client’s content. WordPress is the most used content management system in the world. It’s simple to manage and extend. In the context of content management, we provided our client with video education for website management, as well as tech support for the website’s administrator in order to make the transition to the new website as smooth as possible in terms of management.
  • we created considerable modifications to the backend in order to make content management as simple as possible, eliminating the need to hire a professional to maintain the website. This is the most cost effective solution for our client, where he can simply update certain information through predefined content framework in the backend, and leave the content styling to the CSS (or better yet, to us, the designers).
  • design and concept of the website was created in such a way that it corresponds to the client’s business goals
  • the website was designed in a responsive fashion to make the site comfortable to use on the go before and after

NOTE: by moving your mouse cursor left or right (on the images below), you can transition from old to new (and vise versa) website appearance. On the left, you can check out the old site, and on the right is the new one.



  1. prije
  2. poslije

Analysis of the more prominent website sections

What follows are the screenshots of the more notable parts of the website joined with explanations about each section. Hovering the mouse over the pulsating circle, you can reveal information about that particular section.

Homepage – upper section

Homepage – lower section

Club interior – gallery and hot spots

What is karate?

Comparison tables

Contact page


Project Nippon Karate Club is one of those projects our design studio is quite proud of. Considering the success the site has had after being published (which we learnt through the feedback of the client), this project has definitely proven its quality. It also accomplished the goals outlined at the beginning – an effective promotional strategy and increase in club members. This also means the website paid off and our team gained the trust of the client as a professional team that knows what it’s doing. Once again we proved that the geographical distance (we are based in Croatia, client is from Austria) means nothing when you run a team of professional developers, designers, marketers and translators that have great communication skills and can compete with the best from the business.

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