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PROJECT: WordPress website development for

CLIENT: Restaurant Beim Hofmeister, Vienna

Restaurant Beim Hofmeister features traditional Viennese cuisine, with a long history and tradition, located in the historical center of Vienna. The restaurant features a native and original appearance with good food, that has helped establish its name and familiarity. development project is in reality a redesign of a website that we created 6 years ago. The project aimed at refreshing the design and enriching the user experience with modern technologies and marketing strategies. The trust our client has shown in us by providing us with the opportunity to do a redesign of the same site we created 6 years ago, gives us proof and confidence that the client was happy with our work before, and will be happy once again.

DURATION: 6 weeks

  • Helmut Jakesch, Restaurant Hofmeister, Vienna, Austria

    "Today, we are more than ever in the position to easily communicate with lovers of Vienna cuisine"

    Webconstructors organized our content so that the visitors find it attractive, and it realistically captures our business idea. I don`t have to say that the results were quickly visible. Today, we are more than ever in the position to easily communicate with lovers of Vienna cuisine, and make them come over to our restaurant more often than before. We also create returning guests much easier. In any case, I am delighted with Premium-WP services, and I recommend them to everyone, from the bottom of my heart.

3 key challenges we faced during the development of



Given that all of our websites are created from scratch (without using commercial templates), most often our challenges involve planning of the concept, design and content structure where the aforementioned directly depends on the materials provided to us by the client.

However, in this case, the most important challenge for us was to create a concept with almost no content that will feature an attractive website that will capture the spirit of this interesting and unique restaurant.

The three main challenges were:

  • Lack of content: We had at our disposal very little materials (textual, before else), and we were told not to expect any more (client made it clear that he cannot find any time to create or deliver and more content due to his busy schedule and commitment to his restaurant). Regardless of the lack of content, it was our self-imposed duty to find a way to create an attractive presentation of this restaurant and accentuate its key advantages in the most convincing manner possible
  • Dated corporate identity: The corporate identity of this restaurant (visible in the old logo) was overly simplistic and from the design aspect – dated. The goal was to freshen it up, and preserve the main idea – traditional Austrian cuisine with long tradition.
  • The right ratio of old fashioned and contemporary: Considering the services and ambiance of this restaurant, we could not allow the modern tools and trends in web design to tarnish the “old” and “traditional”. It was important find just the right quantity of vintage and modern.

The solution: we used traditional marketing tactics that work

Upper section of the homepage
Upper section of the homepage

A picture paints a thousand words

Considering we had practically no textual content at our disposal, we were left with nothing else but to focus on photographs, and use them to bring to life the uniqueness of the ambiance and food server at the restaurant. The client hired a professional photographer to be able to better present the food and atmosphere on the website. Thanks to these high quality images, we were able to shift the focus from lack of content to the captivating images of the restaurant’s ambiance and its great food.


Vintage font, matching colors, new logotype

The new logo

Raniji logotip
The old logo

During the planning of the website’s visual identity, we had to take into account the following:

  • the font needed to reflect the historic, traditional and Viennese elements
  • the colors of the elements were supposed to be matched to the Austrian national identity (red and white) – because Hofmeister’s food is typically Austrian
  • ambiance has been left unchanged for the last several decades – which means it is original, and was to be captured in the photos

Since it was not possible to keep (or modify) the old logo, and since we wanted to keep the other designs in line with the logo, we decided to redesign it completely. We adjusted the font and shading of the red, and went for a full circle instead of an oval shape. We added a border that provides association with the beer cap – as a token of the restaurant’s servings.

Guest testimonials – tactics that sell

Testimonials of happy guests

We know from our own experience – opinions and ratings from others are fundamental in deciding on a purchase – when it comes to food, this tactic gets a deeper dimension. This was the reason why we featured testimonials of restaurant’s past guests on the upper part of the homepage. We decided on using an attractive slider that switches shorter textual messages with punchy headlines that capture attention and answer certain questions visitors might have about visiting Restaurant Beim Hofmeister.

Hofmeister has no shortage of good ratings (on Tripadvisor, Facebook, etc.), so we had no problems in picking out the best for each language version (German and English).

An interactive and practical menu / wine card

Restaurant Beim Hofmeister provides only the best – this is why they don’t feature hundreds of dishes on its menu. To us, this meant we were able to present all of the gastronomical offerings of the restaurant in an attractive and interactive menu that is quite usable and user friendly.

The menu is also programmed in such a way that the website’s owner can easily change prices, remove existing or add new items to the menu with a couple of clicks through the customized WordPress interface.

Besides being functional, we added to the menu a marketing tactic of our own – a photo joined with each category of dishes that features a certain dish recommended by the restaurant.

Interactive menu and wine card that is manageable through a customized WordPress interface

Administration interface of the menu / wine card inside content management system (WordPress)

Location – perhaps the most important selling proposition

Besides great food, one of the strategic advantages of the Restaurant Beim Hofmeister is its location – in the historical core of Vienna and on the path of everyone that moves around the inner ring of the city (tourists and locals both). It was important to accentuate this fact, but, it was equally important to do it the right way. In short, we wanted to make the location stand out. We decided on using a custom designed Google Map that matches the website’s visual identity. Google Maps is followed by a section with contact information, that appears through rotation inside the map while the visitors scrolls down the page.

Lokacija na zanimljivoj i drukčijoj Google karti
Hofmeister’s location on a customized Google Map

Call to action and a simple process of booking a table

Website owners are often unaware of just how important it is to have the contact information visible from all the corners of a website, and just how simple the built-in contact forms are for visitors to be able to contact them.

We integrated localized versions of contact forms on both language versions of the Hofmeister’s website with automated notifications. The purpose was to allow the visitor to send an inquiry for booking a table at a specific time frame.

These forms are managed through the administration dashboard, and all of the information from the visitors who contact the restaurant in this way are stored in the database, and can be used to create e-mail campaigns, run SMS or Facebook campaigns, etc.


Mobile customization

Considering the target audience (and the fact that more visitors than ever surf the web using their mobile devices), during the development of Restaurant Beim Hofmeister’s website we had to make sure the website is properly rendered on mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. This of course was done through responsive web design.

Responsive appearance of the Hofmeister website

Website administration dashboard – completely customized to the needs of the client

Besides standard WordPress administration sections, to be able to provide the client the ability to more easily manage the content, we modified and added additional modules that allow for easy removing, modifying or adding new content. Since the client is from Austria, all of the dashboard elements are in German.

Standard WordPress functionalities are expanded through only those sections that will help manage website’s content – there is no unnecessary code that overloads the site’s performance, which is a frequent side effect with commercial templates.


Click on the photo to open a full view with more detailed administration dashboard elements

Project conclusion

Why did we decide at all to take a deeper look into the development of the website Because it brought upon us some out-of-the ordinary challenges and provided us with the ability to show that even without a lot of content, it is still possible to create a high quality website that is effective in communicating the message to the target audience in an effective manner.

The lack of content on the website will be overcome with some other internet marketing tactics – first and foremost, through active advertising on specialized tourist websites. It’s always admirable when a client is aware of the necessity for extra marketing strategies and channels, because without them, a website is swimming up the creek without a paddle, so to speak.

This project can also serve as an example in which way it is possible to adjust the appearance of a website to the needs of a client. Each section is carefully planned, taking into consideration the goals of the client.

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