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What sets apart our websites from our competitors? Here are just a couple of key segments:

  • Our websites are tailored to your buyer’s needs and affinities. Through the website planning process we will present your products in such a way that they are perceived as unique and different, in turn giving your buyers clear cut reasons why to do business with you
  • Through the web development process we will differentiate your company from your competition, and give your target market clearly outlined benefits of your company and its products and services
  • Our web agency communicates in three languages – German, English and Croatian. We can communicate in all of those languages with your company, partners and buyers, in a completely efficient and persuasive manner.
  • We understand your needs and are able to communicate with you on a higher level than our competition from your region
  • We are experienced in doing business with European and worldwide companies. Pleasant and efficient communication is what you can expect through all project phases, no matter the geographical distance between us.
  • All of our websites can be optimized in such a way that they rank on regional Google searches, such as (German), (Austrian), (French), etc.
  • Our main project manager, Andrea, has a masters degree on the university of Vienna, where she first started working for companies from Western Europe. She is well versed in doing business in the European market and is a priceless asset to our business and our clients
  • We have over 200+ successfully completed projects – a solid amount of those projects are multilingual. This gives us the necessary expertise and know how of creating and promoting websites of worldwide markets. We know how to get results wherever you are in the world.
  • Our websites are equipped with a professional warranty, we do business exclusively with corporate clients, and our websites are known to reap high returns on investments (ROI).
  • We adapt to your needs
    Every single website that comes out of our workshop is created exclusively according to your individual needs and business goals. Each of the website`s segments are carefully crafted to fulfill its purpose – to effectively sell your services and products, and facilitate the growth of your business. Individual needs don`t just apply to the way website looks on the outside (the “frontend”), but the back side as well. This is why we transform the way WordPress (which we use as a base for CMS) looks and behaves on the “backend”, so that you can manage your content more easily.
  • We only work with cutting edge technologies
    Our website’s framework is based on Bootstrap, one of the most popular front end development libraries in the world. We also create Parallax animations and effects, by using Gsap (, the most advanced and stable Javascript animation platform in the world. The goal is to make your website as attractive as possible, to create a strong impact on your visitors, improve user experience and present your business as serious, reliable and modern operation that follows the latest technological trends, in turn giving you more credibility in the eyes of your potential customers.
  • No-limit policy when it comes to design…and functionalities
    When it comes to design and website concept, all of your ideas and wishes are taken into consideration, because we want the end product to suite your vision. This also means that all of your suggestions are more than welcome. If any of your requests fall out of the scope of the initial quote, we will explain in great detail all of the possible alternatives to keep the project budget in-line with what we agreed on at the project beginning.
  • Responsiveness is included in the price
    We believe all of the modern websites need to be completely suitable to be used on modern smartphones, so that your visitors can search for you on the go. We’ve done responsive websites for a long time, and really know our stuff when it comes to mobile surfing.

No hidden costs, our quote is very detailed and it will provide you with a very concrete and wholesome view of the project suggestions and all of our obligations towards you


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Waht is corporate web design? What services are included, and what can you expect?

Izrada webova - jedinstveni dizajn

Unique design

What is “unique design”? Nothing less than sketching your website in Photoshop according to yours and our ideas, from the ground up. Depending on the project pricing, we can create up to three separate sketches, and provide the client with the ability to chose the one they like the most.


WordPress integration

Your unique design will be converted to a high quality WordPress theme, so that you can enjoy the benefits of the world`s most popular (and we dare say best) content management system in the world. WordPress will also save you a lot of time and nerves while you manage your website.

Prilagodba CMS-a

WordPress adjustment

If you have a content that is specific, that needs to be refreshed very often, or you simply wish to have more control over the functionalities of your website, we will analyse your needs, and adapt the WordPress backend towards your needs. This way we will provide you with the ability to manage your content more easily, and overall be more effective in managing your website.



We will connect your website with Google tools like Webmaster and Analytics. We will also give your business a digital location on the Google Places network, and integrate a high quality SEO plugin that will boost your search optimization efforts and enable you to target your desired keywords more easily.


Content upload

To give your website the best possible look and feel, we will upload all of your content (some restrictions may apply, please check the quote for more information) and arrange it so your website`s content appears even more professional and visually attractive.


Contact page

To allow your potential customers to find you more easily, we will create a contact page with all of your contact information, together with your physical location plotted onto a Google Map (if you wish and if applicable, we can integrate Street View). We will also create an elaborate contact form (if you need one) with unlimited fields according to your needs.



Already popular and well known term “responsiveness” means nothing less than designing your website from the ground up to display properly on all the modern mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), etc. Responsiveness is particularly useful on smartphones, where it makes a big difference in terms of user experience. Best of all, there is no need for a separate mobile version – you only manage one set of content, which is then designed so that it conforms nicely to all screen sizes.



If you need your content to be displayed in more than one language, we can provide you with the ability to translate it into unlimited number of languages (including non-latin languages such as Chinese, Japanese, etc.). Best of all, entire content is managed from one WordPress interface (regardless of the number of languages). Every piece of content is translatable (all of the links, photos, pages, static elements such as buttons, menus, contact forms, etc). We`re sure you`ve seen a fair share of multilingual websites that have sections of content that is not translated which looks very unprofessional.

WordPress radionica

Video tutorials

Upon the completion of every project, all of our clients receive very detailed video tutorials on how to manage their website and content. These video tutorials will enable you to quickly handle website management, and lower the costs of maintaining your website`s content overall. What`s more important, it will help you keep your website dynamic and current by enabling you to quickly upload and arrange new content.

Do you need a more detailed insight into our services, so that you can be sure in what exactly you will receive from us, and what our obligations are?