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Should you use a platform like Shopify or get a custom developed online e-commerce solution?

Running your own custom developed online store gives you the following benefits:

  • you control everything – the marketing, the upselling, cross selling
  • there are no fees – platforms like Shopify charge heavy fees for order processing and shop maintenance
  • you can easily expand your store with limitless possibilities by utilizing hundreds of thousands of extensions and plugins that are ready-made for WordPress and WooCommerce (which we use to develop online stores) for minimal investment
  • you can use all the benefits of WordPress that you would normally use
  • Shopify and similar platforms charge extra for reports, complex shipping calculators, manager accounts, etc., and on monthly basis. These are all the functionalities that you can have through many extensions available for free or purchasable for minimal amounts in the specialized extension stores for a one-time fee.
  • your own store give you the ability to create limitless amounts of coupons and gift cards, which platforms like Shopify also charge extra
  • you own every segment of your store – the code, the design, the database, which is not the case with proprietary services such as Shopify. If they go out of business, your business goes down with it. Your business future is completely tied to them, unlike having your own store, which gives you complete flexibility.

What sets our e-commerce solutions from our competitors? A couple of important points:

  • Custom tailored to your business – we know how to make your site sell well
    Every single online store we create is completely tailored (in terms of marketing and functionalities) to the needs of our clients. Want to sell apples? We`ll make your customers buy a juicer in the process! Every segment of your online store will reflect your products. By analyzing your target market, we`ll make it so that each purchase brings you higher monetary value than it would on other e-commerce solutions from our competitors.
  • We use WooCommerce as a starting point for our e-commerce development. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce online shopping solution in the world. You can learn more about WooCommerce at this link (official Woo PDF brochure)
  • We only work with cutting edge technologies
    Our website’s framework is based on Bootstrap, one of the most popular front end development libraries in the world. We also use Roots.io development workflow and Sage theme boilerplate for the starting point for all our WordPress themes. We also create Parallax animations and effects, by using Gsap (www.greensock.com), the most advanced and stable Javascript animation platform in the world. For e-commerce functionalities, we of course use WooCommerce and WordPress, both of which are the most popular web applications for its respective field in the world.
  • Get paid any way you like
    From the start, your online store will be able to accept payments via credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, and offline payment solutions (wire transfer, cash on delivery, etc.)
  • Responsiveness is included in the price
    We believe all of the modern websites need to be completely suitable to be used on modern smartphones, so that your visitors can search for you on the go. We’ve done responsive websites for a long time, and really know our stuff when it comes to mobile surfing.

No hidden costs, maintenance fees, commissions or extra charges of any sort*


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*fees may apply during the credit card processing by your bank. In this case, the fee is imposed by your bank, not us.

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Feel free to contact us via e-mail at info@webconstructors.org (0-24) or via phone +385 091 455 1066 (working hours from 12h till 17h (12 pm to 5 pm CET).

Important notice – request a quote from us, and until the 12th of May 2017 we are offering a 20% discount on the entire price, and a year’s worth of our specialized and most premium WordPress hosting & maintenance plan.


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Find out what exactly you are paying for

Unique design

What is “unique design”? Nothing less than sketching your website in Photoshop according to yours and our ideas, from the ground up. Depending on the project pricing, we can create up to three separate sketches, and provide the client with the ability to chose the one they like the most.

WordPress integration

Your unique design will be converted to a high quality WordPress theme with integrated e-commerce solution (WooCommerce), so that you can enjoy the benefits of the world`s most popular (and we dare say best) content management system in the world. WordPress will also save you a lot of time and nerves while you manage your website, upload new products, track down orders, deliveries, etc.

SEO & Google Merchant integration

Your online store will be equipped with semantic tags according to schema.org specs, so that you can rank on Google for product queries. You will also receive all the SEO benefits that make WordPress and Woocommerce such a great platform to publish on the internet. We’ll also integrate your store with Google Merchant platform, so that your products are available to the entire world!

Customer registration

Your customers will be able to register a user account, so that in future, they can shop more quickly and conveniently. This way, they will also have a place to check their past orders, current order status, receive messages from you related to their orders, etc. During the registration process, we will also entice your customers to sign up to your newsletter, so that you can include them into your e-mail marketing campaigns.

E-mail notifications

Your e-commerce store will be fully equipped with automated customer notifications via e-mail (new orders, order status change, delivery, etc.). We will style and personalize those notification e-mails according to the visual identity of your company. Automated notifications are also sent to the shop manager via e-mail.

Product types

Your e-commerce store will have several product types right out of the box – simple products (with just one characteristic and without the ability for the buyer to chose among different product versions); variable (with more than one characteristic that influences different product characteristics, such as price, color, size, etc.); virtual (non-palpable products such as intellectual services); digital (products that can be delivered immediately upon purchase).

Warehouse management

Your online store will have storage management capabilities right out of the box, that will automatically track your product availability according to the quantities defined by you on product level. Your online store will notify you via e-mail each time certain product reaches low stock level. If a certain product is sold out, the product will be removed from the store (unless you allow backordering, which is also possible).


Your online store will have a built-in advanced delivery cost calculator, so that you can charge deliveries by the weight or dimensions of the package, delivery location or something else. You can define an unlimited number of delivery methods, group them together, add them certain products, or even define delivery according to customer`s ZIP code.

Chained products

In order to increase the value of each purchase in your store, you can use the integrated up-sell and cross-sell capabilities to offer your customers additional products. In this way, you can double the value of each transaction that occurs in your store, giving your customers more possibilities to spend money.

Attributes and variations

As the name suggests, attributes and variations are certain specific characteristics of a single product. For example, a single T-shirt can be available in more than one color and size. Each of those characteristics form an attribute (a characteristic) and variation (purchasable characteristic that can also have a different price).


Reviews are a great way to display the satisfaction level of your current customers to your potential customers. This will allow you to build credibility of your store through social proof. Each product can have its own review (that can be submitted through a dedicated review form on each product page), that can be turned on or off from within the administration dashboard. In order for the review to be visible to everyone visiting your store, you have to approve it first.


Coupons allow you to create discount codes on the store or product level. Inside the administration dashboard there is a complex interface where it is possible to configure different types of coupons with different limitations (in terms of price discounts, usage limits, expiration dates. etc.). You can create coupon codes and give them to your current and future customers to promote your store.

Payment options

From the start, your online store will have the ability (it that is what suits your business goals) to take in payments via credit cards, Pay Pal, Skrill, wire transfers, cash on delivery or even local pickup.

Product upload

In order to jump-start your online store, we`ll upload for you up to 50 products right after we finish the development. We will configure all the prices, delivery methods and anything necessary to give your buyers the ability to start shopping right away, so that you can start making money of off your new store as soon as possible.

Attractive cart

Your store`s cart gives your visitors a clear overview of the products they chose with prices and quantities. Your cart will also have a delivery cost calculator and a field to enter coupon codes. Also, the cart can display cross-sell products to give your customers additional items to buy and increase the purchase vaule.



Already popular and well known term “responsiveness” means nothing less than designing your website from the ground up to display properly on all the modern mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), etc. Responsiveness is particularly useful on smartphones, where it makes a big difference in terms of user experience. Best of all, there is no need for a separate mobile version – you only manage one set of content, which is then designed so that it conforms nicely to all screen sizes.


If your store needs to have multiple languages and you plan on selling internationally, we’ll give it the ability to speak as much languages you need. We will also adjust the taxes, currencies and anything necessary to localize it properly. Best of all, entire content is managed from one WordPress interface (regardless of the number of languages). Every piece of content is translatable (all of the links, photos, pages, static elements such as buttons, menus, contact forms, etc).

Video tutorials

Upon the completion of every project, all of our clients receive very detailed video tutorials on how to manage their website and content. These video tutorials will enable you to quickly handle store management, and lower the costs of maintaining your online store’s content overall. What`s more important, it will help you keep your shop dynamic and current by enabling you to quickly upload and arrange new products and content.

Do you need a more detailed insight into our services, so that you can be sure in what exactly you will receive from us, and what our obligations are?*

*Don’t forget, until the 12th of May 2017 we are offering a 20% discount on the entire price, and a year’s worth of our specialized and most premium WordPress hosting & maintenance plan

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