E-mail marketing

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What services fall into the category of e-mail marketing?

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Integration of e-mail / newsletter opt-in form

The first step in an effective e-mail communication with the target market is the integration of opt-in forms on your website (or your Facebook page). By using the form, you can start building your very own mailing list.

MailChimp integracija

E-mail software integration

E-mail marketing software integration with your website enables you to collect and segment contacts and build a high quality mailing lists. You can then use these lists to run strategic e-mail campaigns.


Organising and running e-mail campaigns

We will write your e-mails and execute sending to your lists. In the e-mails we write, we will use advanced copywriting techniques we`ve learned over the years to induce action in readers. We can bring you high open and click rates, if your e-mail lists are of good quality.

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