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What services fall into the category of booking website development?

Kompleksan sustav pretrage

Complex search module

Searching of available units for booking will be enabled via the search module placed on the homepage, and in any other page on the website according to your wishes. Visitors will be able to choose a desired category of the booking unit, and choose the availability dates.

Kalendari dostupnosti

Availability calendar

The booking app will allow simple bookings of the chosen accommodation after user searches for it via the search module. After the search, user will be presented with an availability calendar that allows booking of a certain time period. In a few intuitive steps your users will be able to go through the entire process as simply as quickly as possible. Availability calendar is displayed in real time, so any changes made in the booking system (bookings and payments) are automatically reflected on the calendar.

Online naplata

Automatic reservation charging

Online payment system enables automated charging of booked units. Payment can be made out for the entire amount, or a predefined amount (for example, a percentage of the entire amount. Booking system will automatically take care of all the invoicing and notifications.

Prezentacija smještaja

Specific tools & channels for unit presentation

Unit presentation will be enhanced by using modern multimedia galleries, extra informational tabs, review modules, individual availability calendars, contact forms, etc.

Sučelje booking portala

Modern and functional user interface

Our user interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use, but at the same time very complex and advanced. It contains important information about the unit booking status, different statistics about reservations and payments, etc.

WordPress radionica

Video tutorials

Upon the completion of every project, all of our clients receive very detailed video tutorials on how to manage their website and content. These video tutorials will enable you to quickly handle website management, and lower the costs of maintaining your online property`s content overall. What`s more important, it will help you keep your website dynamic and current by enabling you to quickly upload and arrange new content.

Izrada booking portala

Unique design

What is “unique design”? Nothing less than sketching your website in Photoshop according to yours and our ideas, from the ground up. Depending on the project pricing, we can create up to three separate sketches, and provide the client with the ability to chose the one they like the most.


WordPress integration

Your unique design will be converted to a high quality WordPress theme, so that you can enjoy the benefits of the world`s most popular (and we dare say best) content management system in the world. WordPress will also save you a lot of time and nerves while you manage your website.



We will connect your website with Google tools like Webmaster and Analytics. We will also give your business a digital location on the Google Places network, and integrate a high quality SEO plugin that will boost your search optimization efforts and enable you to target your desired keywords more easily.



Already popular and well known term “responsiveness” means nothing less than designing your website from the ground up to display properly on all the modern mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), etc. Responsiveness is particularly useful on smartphones, where it makes a big difference in terms of user experience. Best of all, there is no need for a separate mobile version – you only manage one set of content, which is then designed so that it conforms nicely to all screen sizes.



If you need your content to be displayed in more than one language, we can provide you with the ability to translate it into unlimited number of languages (including non-latin languages such as Chinese, Japanese, etc.). Best of all, entire content is managed from one WordPress interface (regardless of the number of languages). Every piece of content is translatable (all of the links, photos, pages, static elements such as buttons, menus, contact forms, etc). We`re sure you`ve seen a fair share of multilingual websites that have sections of content that is not translated which looks very unprofessional.



We will connect your website with e-mail marketing solution MailChimp and allow you to automatically notify your newsletter subscribers each time a new topic is posted on the site. The notification will be sent via subscriber`s email and it will include a short description about the listing and a link back to the website.

Do you need a more detailed insight into our services, so that you can be sure in what exactly you will receive from us, and what our obligations are?