• Ivana Ercegović, Sky Action Media Productions, sky-action.com

    "Once again, thanks - we look forward to working with you soon!"

    Dear Webconstructors' team, first of all, thank you for the successfully completed project of our website redesign. You've gained our trust by your expertise and knowledge, and fulfilled our expectations. Since our website is quite "alive", we've always been striving to have a system in place where we can freely edit our content. Up until now we've battled with different CMS solutions, ready made WordPress templates, etc. But, somehow, we've always had issues with updating, plugins, support, incompatibilities and flexibility. You tailored a website exactly to our needs. The solution you gave us is modern and stable, and very user friendly with custom designed back end. Andrea has helped us to put into words our message, and bring to life our visual content. Among other things, we've improved our search engine rankings. Working with your team has been very pleasant, and all according to the initial quote.
  • Martina Pernar, marketing manager, Paška sirana d.d., welovecheese.club

    "We're happy with the communication and exchange of information, as well as with the responsiveness in solving problems"

    We started together on the project We Love cheese club by Paška sirana. Working together was great. We were given very specific and usable suggestions about our presence on the internet. We were offered a very unique identity for our store - a cartoon styled e-commerce website that can attractively convey our idea and spirit to our target market. The whole team was very professional and we recommend them to anyone who wants a professionally done website or online shop.
  • Hrvoje Veber, OPG Hrvoje Veber, www.pcelarstvo-veber.hr

    "We are overwhelmingly satisfied with the implemented solutions, the advises we've been given, and count on your team for our upcoming projects!"

    We're good at what we do, if not best - and that's beekeeping and manufacturing honey and highest quality honey products. Usually, people from our world don't take it a step further and deal with sales and marketing, which we know is necessary. This is why we were looking for a partner that knows what we want, and can do it for an affordable price. We've looked over hundreds of online stores, received dozens of quotes, read tons of materials, and talked to a lot of companies. Webconstructors' team intrigued us with their approach and ideas, together with their professionalism that came in the following stages of the project. We feel we've come across a very good, if not the best team around.
  • Vanja Andročec, owner, IMP LLC, imp-sport.com

    "Webconstructors' team gives great care to details, they are quick and thorough in solving problems".

    They sent me a newsletter I could not refuse. The wording was so serious, knowledgeable and was a great preface to our cooperation. Throughout the negotiations there was professionalism and experience, and this is why I chose them. Working with them, I came to appreciate the attention they give to details, the responsiveness in which they reply to questions and never ending desire to improve the website even after the project was long over. I love the constant support and help, because I get things done so much quicker. I highly recommend them to everyone!
  • Mario Zupan, owner, Worldnet LLC

    "Finally I can get some rest..."

    Ever since I've moved my site to your managed hosting and protection, I haven't had a single issue with the performance of my site. The best thing is - I don't have to worry about anything, so that I can freely focus on my core business. I love your service and recommend it to anyone looking to get out of the daily hassle of managing website on their own or simply looking for expert care for their WordPress website.
  • Luka Gredelj, IT section, ISD LLC, www.isd.hr

    “I feel like we didn`t have to explain much about our vision and what we wanted, and the result was exactly what we imagined”

      We needed a new website, attractive, in line with contemporary trends and technology. We did some digging around, browsed through your portfolio, and the decision was quickly made. The thing we liked the most was accessibility and curtesy of your staff. Every single one of our questions was quickly met with an answer. You also quickly and conscientiously acknowledged our ideas. I feel like we didn`t have to explain much about our vision and what we wanted, and the result was exactly what we imagined. Also, not once was I told that something was not doable, which speaks volume about the quality of your developers. We feel like the project was executed quite smoothly, and you went out of your way to conform to our wishes. There were simply no negative experiences. All of our expectations were exceeded, and we absolutely recommend your team to everyone. Every single one of our ideas were acknowledged, even though we even might not have realised how complicated some of those ideas were. We received a turn-key project, instructions on how to manage the site ourselves, and we also got an attractive and modern website. Overall experience with your team is an absolute A+.
  • Blanša Marijančević, manager of Hotel Villa Andrea and Olive Tree Restaurant
    Our cooperation with the WebConstructors team was very successful. They are very meticulous and effective, and take special care in understanding and acknowledging client`s ideas. I would also mention an exceptional support on every step of the way, and a very dynamic adjusting to the client`s requests and needs. Also, I loved the easy going communication, non-complicated problem solving for different situations, and a very honest and genuine approach to clients.
  • Iva Denona, designer, Denona LLC

    “It can`t be done” was never an option for WebConstructors

    WebConstructor`s team quickly created a website according to all of our wishes, they acknowledged all of our remarks, completely fulfilling all of our expectations. “It can`t be done” was never an answer we received. The website was created without a single phone call, and the communication was flawless! I recommended them to others, and I hope we will work together again soon!
  • Mr.sc.Branko Jurić, dr.med.vet., Veterinary hospital Poreč, Croatia

    “My most sincere recommendation for those that want an exceptional product for a very realistic price”

    It is my utmost pleasure to recommend this exceptional team that made the website development a true pleasure. High level of professionalism and willingness to help are just some of the more noted characteristics we had the fortune of experiencing during this project. We also want to commend your competence and originality. My most sincere recommendation for those that want an exceptional product for a very realistic price
  • Oliver Ibel, founder of Gastarbajter LLC

    “WebConstructors perfectly understood our needs”

    Cooperation with WebConstructors gave us an opportunity for better strategic marketing, targeted towards our audience - in Austria and Croatia both. They perfectly understood our specific needs and focused on executing our business goals through different web tools (website, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing, Facebook marketing, etc). We are very satisfied with their services and the results we are getting with the help of internet marketing. We very warmly recommend the services of WebConstructors.
  • Marlis Hochwarter, crossbox.at

    "Absolutely happy with your services"

    We are absolutely happy with your services. Our website development finished smoothly, and all of our additional requests were quickly processed. We got a lot of tips on how to handle simple tasks, since WordPress enables us to quickly update the content ourselves, even without any experience. We communicated with your team in English and German, without any problems whatsoever. Thank you for the great backup - we absolutely recommend your services to others.
  • Robert, coach and owner, Karate Club Nippon, Vienna

    “We have more membership requests than last year!”

    I`d like to point out that in the last couple of months we've had more applications than in similar periods last year, and the sole reason is our new website. That has been confirmed by our newest club members that applied a couple of weeks ago. They say that the website`s appearance is professional and genuine, and very different from other karate websites. In a city like Vienna, where competition is big, it is very important to distinguish yourself from others and transmit your message to your clients in an effective way. Thanks to WebConstructors, we managed to do just that. This is why we recommend them to everyone that want to make an impression onto their target audience. Not only are WebConstructors great experts, they are also very accesible, understand individual needs, and are always there to help and give a good advice when one is needed.
  • Dr. Marijan Gjukic, medicalconsultants GmbH, Vienna, Austria

    "You beat international competition on all fields: creativity, speed, multitasking and multiple languages, pricing, responsibility and consistency!"

    You`ve managed to complete a multi language project that satisfies the needs of our most demanding clientele.  Proof that this is not a paid advertisement, are my upcoming projects with WebConstructors. As one of the few certified export consultants of Austrian chamber of commerce, I advise and recommend to all companies, that before stepping on the EU market, they invest in redesigning their websites – pure translation does not create a platform for success, what you need is a marketing plan in accordance with EU need that you can get from WebConstructors. And they are available round the clock!
  • Goran Prohaček, Fino Caffe, Croatia

    "Final rating - 5 out of 5"

    Best things about Premium-WP are fast and quality advice and assistance, flexibility towards the needs of the client and a reasonable price for an exceptionally high quality and modern website. The project result was better than anticipated! The ability of their team to communicate effectively I can only rate with 5 out of 5, as well as their expertise in regards to internet marketing and web design. I also love the fact that they stick to the deadlines obsessively! Final rating - 5 out of 5!
  • Borna Marković, Finance & Consulting, interritus.hr, Croatia

    "Punctuality, simplicity, to-the-point without non-relevant information..."

    You have a great approach towards your market, and the marketing materials I received from you were not your typical obtrusive fluff, and in just the right dosage. In my line of work, it`s an instant head turner, and it`s very appreciated. The thing I loved the most about you, was the simplicity, to-the-point and absence of unnecessary information.
  • Gordana i Ivica Filipović, holiday apartments owner, apartmani-trogir.info, Croatia

    "More affordable than any other web development company we contacted"

    What I have to mention, is that Webconstructors are far more affordable than any other web development company we contacted before giving them the job. They created for us a three-language website, translated all the content (their translators are just fantastic, everything was perfectly translated right down to a letter), and the entire cost was just a fraction of what other companies asked for just creating a single language website, that didn`t even include content upload. So, try them out as soon as you can, you won`t be sorry.
  • Sandy Češnaj, shoe repair shop postolar-zagreb.com, Croatia

    "What you`ve done for me is priceless!"

    Since you`ve created my website and wrote advertisements for my services, there isn`t a day that goes by, without someone new coming to my shop, or calling me on the phone, or e-mailing me, because they found my site on the web. Every month I`ve been recording more and more customers. What you`ve done for me is priceless! P.S. I should mention that my site is number one on Google for the word "POSTOLAR" (shoe repair)
  • Helmut Jakesch, Restaurant Hofmeister, Vienna, Austria

    "Today, we are more than ever in the position to easily communicate with lovers of Vienna cuisine"

    Webconstructors organized our content so that the visitors find it attractive, and it realistically captures our business idea. I don`t have to say that the results were quickly visible. Today, we are more than ever in the position to easily communicate with lovers of Vienna cuisine, and make them come over to our restaurant more often than before. We also create returning guests much easier. In any case, I am delighted with Premium-WP services, and I recommend them to everyone, from the bottom of my heart.
  • Mislav Nekić, award winning portal, zooportal.hr, Croatia

    "To sum up – above expectation!"

    My web portal (zooportal.hr) was indexed by Google in two hours (this process can usually take a week). In the first 15 days of our existence, Google has recorded 1800 visits. We rank among top 10 results for most of our targeted keywords. To sum up – above expectation! Thank you!
  • Damir Popović, Vnuk-produkt d.o.o, Oporovec, Croatia

    " I simply had to reward them, paying them more than we had agreed..."

    It`s hard to describe WebConstructors team, without it seaming somewhat exaggerated. Their philosophy of limitless warranty and money-back policy turned to their favor – I simply had to reward them, paying them more than we had agreed, just because of their approach to me and my business, and all the professional advices I received during the project, that you`re crazy not to use. Cheers!
  • Ivica Pavlačić, Merlinka LLC, Karlovac, Croatia

    "Instead of the same old typical website, we got an attractive and vibrant tool that delivers most of our marketing targeted and with great success."

    I am very grateful to the WebConstructors team, because they take their business more than seriously and responsibly. Not only have they fulfilled my expectations, but they`ve used their experience and knowledge to create a perfect website connected to Facebook. This allowed me to have something more than a classical website, but a live marketing tool that delivers, more effectively than ever, a convincing and compelling message to our clients with great success.  
  • Biljana Mraković, tourist guide, Vienna, Austria

    "All of my ideas were profesionally implemented, and the effect of it all was quickly visible in my business..."

    Since I was a total beginner when it comes to the internet, your patient approach was extremely helpful. All of the information was given to me in plain language, for the 'common' man, so I could easily understand what I was getting myself into. All of my ideas were profesionally implemented, and the effect of it all was quickly visible in my business, shortly after my website was published.
  • Tomislav Šaponja, owner, Tibi.hr

    "I`m happy to recommend you to everyone."

    I love (must congratulate you for) the speed in which you have created my web portal, because by doing so, you have fulfilled all my demands and precisely answered all of my questions. Tibi.hr has more functionalities than I have expected in the first place, everything works perfect, and even though I fear that you might be lacking sleep, I`m thrilled by your availability and speedy responses. I`m so glad I decided to use your services, and I`m happy to recommend you to everyone.
  • Elis Moschella, interior design, Moderni i klasični interijeri d.o.o., Croatia

    "I love true professionals, and this is what you are."

    The website you created for me turned out to be clear, well articulated, and for those who are interested in interior design, very interesting. The visitors will be the best judges of what was done though. I think I found a team that know and love what they do. I love true professionals, and this is what you are.