WebConstructors Managers

WebConstructors.org is a virtual workshop that is comprised of a team specialized in internet tools. The team is run by Andrea & Želimir.

andrea_iveljicAndrea, marketing & sales

When at any point you decide to contact us, Andrea is the one to reply first. She will make sure you get the right answers in a timely manner, explain to you in human terms anything you want to know about internet marketing, web development and other services we provide. During the project implementation, Andrea will be the bridge between you, and the designers and developers. She will make sure that all of your needs are met, and that all of the defined business and marketing goals are correctly conveyed to the development team that will, according to those guidelines, convert the future website into a true and effective platform for communication with your target audience.

Andrea graduated in Austria (on the University of Vienna) from journalism and communicology, and mastered on the slavistics department. She worked in publishing and marketing. During the course of her study she met with topics from culture to media and its impact on the way we communicate and understand the world around us.


zelimir_grafŽelimir, project manager

After we begin the development of your website, Želimir will be the one in charge for every step of the development process. Also, at the very end, he will be the one responsible for your satisfaction with the result. Želimir has a years long experience in different areas of internet marketing gathered from working for domestic and foreign companies, and this is why he is capable of understanding your needs from multiple angles, and coming up with the best possible solutions. He oversees and is directly involved in the project implementation, and in this way ensures its highest possible quality.

If at any point we seem to be stuck, (you and us both) we can rest assured that Želimir will know what to do to keep the project running smoothly and on schedule.

Želimir`s personal interests range from direct sales, copywriting, content marketing, to advanced web development tools. He has personally been involved in over 150 web development projects in our WebConstructors.org workshop.