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Ocjena vizuala

Rating of the design & concept

Our analysis will take a closer look at your website`s appearance, and offer you a glimpse into the trends and directions of modern web design. It will show you to what extent your website can be converted into a tool to better communicate with your market. Also, our analysis will let you know just how much your website`s design is enticing to your visitors.

Tehničke karakteristike

Technical checkup

Technical checkup involves thorough analysis of your website`s functionalities, and a look at the technologies that were used to build them. Web technologies are improved on a daily basis and they are the ones to thank for increasingly better user experiences. Modern technology also provides higher level of interactivity and comes with a potential to effectively and confidently sell your services and products.


SEO checkup

Google and other search engines are very clear (to some extent) about the criteria they use to rank websites. Our analysis will tell you just how well at all are you equipped to rank on Google, how much of your content is even indexable or present on search engines, why h-tags are the key and how to use them properly.

Analiza marketinških aspekata

Online marketing analysis

Online marketing is a scientific discipline that presupposes the synchronization of different tools and channels, all with the purpose to sell products and services. During the analysis of your website, we will provide you with an insight into modern strategies and tactics, and demonstrate the level of quality of your marketing.

Usporedba s konkurencijom

Competition comparison

It is always important to understand how your competition is thinking and the way they are fighting for their clients. It is crucial to know how much you are better than them, or how much they are better than you. The analysis will reveal the differences in terms of online marketing between you and your fiercest competitors.

Prijedlozi za poboljšanja

Improvement suggestions

You can always do better. The point of our analysis is not to find flaws in your website, but to point out the possibilities and potential that lays in your web marketing. You can always work more on your presentation and communication, so why not to present yourself in the best possible way.

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