Let us maintain and protect your WordPress website

You may be wondering as to why do we know how to keep your WordPress website absolutely safe and running without a glitch? Because we develop high quality WordPress websites from scratch. And we know how to keep them safe so you can sleep at night and focus on your business.

Why pay for security and maintenance of your WordPress website?

  • WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world – this means there’s so many eyes on it, there’s always a risk of someone finding a loophole to get into your site unnoticed. The more popular the software, the greater the chances of it being compromised in one form or another (just look at Windows) due to sheer amount of scrutiny under which it exists in the market.
  • without regular updates, your WordPress website is at great risk of being hacked
  • performing updates by yourself is risky, as with every new update you are introducing a new code into your website that can jeopardize its stability and performance
  • a fully managed WordPress hosting service like the one we offer not only provides updating and maintenance, but also provides security through regular checkups, malware scanning, firewall protection, regular updates of the hosting environment, usage of the latest web development technologies, etc.
  • it is impossible to own and run a consistently well performing website that is stable, fast and secure without a team of people behind it that know exactly how to maintain it through a longer period of time. At one point or another, your website’s stability will be compromised, whether through hacking attempt, incompatible plugin or some other issue you will not be able to handle on your own.

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Why hire us?

  • we are, at our core, WordPress developers. We create stable, fast and reliable websites based on WordPress, so we know what it takes to run a bulletproof WordPress based website.
  • we know that it is impossible to have a stable and reliable website without a strong foundation in a form of a rock solid hosting environment, and an expert that is keeping an eye on security and making sure all of the software that the website is running is constantly up-to-date.
  • we know that issues always arise (a hacking attempt, incompatible plugin version, etc.), so we are always there to take care of things in a heartbeat, without the visitors ever noticing there was a problem with the site.
  • for large version changes in WordPress core or plugins, we perform updates on development locations, before pushing the changes on the live site. This makes things very predictable and eliminates any potential downtime.

Regular updates & maintenance

Regular updating of WordPress core, templates and plugins is the foundation for a stable, secure and well performing website. Newer version of WordPress is released roughly every 15 days, with the major releases being pushed out on a bi-monthly basis (at least) - it’s important to keep up with the changes.


Our specialised hosting service runs PHP 7 exclusively. By all measurements and standards, PHP 7 is twice as fast as the previous PHP versions. Also, PHP 7 makes it impossible to use outdated programming practices, and makes the whole hosting service much more secure.

Varnish caching engine

You won’t find Varnish that often among our competitors. Varnish is a dead-serious web accelerator used by the likes of New York Times, The Guardian, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. By utilizing Varnish caching, your website will get an almost unfair advantage compared to other sites hosted elsewhere on regular shared hosting services.

Cluster server with failover technology

If one server fails - your site goes on as if nothing happened. Our servers are composed of clusters, where there’s always a server ready to take on a task of any server in the grid that might have issues. This way, there’s almost no downtime whatsoever, so your website is always available to your visitors.

Double factor authentication

Double factor authentication provides an extra layer of security when logging into your WordPress dashboard. This way, brute force attacks are impossible, and so is the ability that someone will crack your password and log into your site with your credentials. Double factor authentication uses your smartphone to achieve this extra layer of security.

WordPress firewall

WordPress firewall provides the following benefits - from blocking hacking attempts, filtering out known malicious IP addresses, blocking access to administration dashboard, and much more. Firewall also sends out real time notifications regarding the security status of your WordPRess setup.

Real-time vulnerability scanning

Real-time skeniranje ranjivosti je skeniranje datoteka WordPress instalacije i pluginova, te provjera njihovog integriteta. Rezultat je sigurna WordPress instalacija čista od "crva" i virusa. Također, real-time skeniranje u svakom trenutku pruža uvid u bilo kakve postojeće ranjivosti datoteka na serveru.

Daily backup (onsite & offsite)

Backup is continuously performed on two levels. First level is onsite with the help of R1 soft restore app bundled with cPanel, where you can fetch all files on your account for the last 14 changes. Second level is the offsite backup where the entire website (files + database) is regularly backed up and archived into Google Drive.

SSL certificate included

SSL allows for a secure exchange of communication between the website (server) and the visitor (user), which almost makes it impossible for someone to hack into the communication and steal sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers. Also, SSL certificate confirms the identity of your website, and makes it impossible for someone to impersonate your online identity.

Ticketing system

Our ticketing system provides the ability to easily and quickly receive any help needed in regards to your service with us. You can also ask any kind of questions and raise concerns in regards to the security and stability of your website. Ticketing system also provides a place where you can see the entire history of communication between you and our support staff.

E-mail SSL/TLS encription

SSL / TLS encryption of the e-mail service disables hackers to steal any type of information related to your e-mail service, and to get in between any type of communication you have via e-mail, where there would otherwise exists a possibility for someone to falsely impersonate you and communicate via your e-mail on your behalf. In general SSL/TLS encryption makes it impossible for someone to hack into and read your e-mails.

cPanel, SpamAssasin

Our service also comes with a cPanel interface, and a bundle of high quality web apps, such as SpamAssasin, IP blocker, IP hotlinking, Backup and restore, etc. All of the apps are regularly updated into their latest versions.

Real life benefits of joining our service plan:

  • average web site speed increase – 98% (because we combine PHP 7 + Varnish caching + WP caching + CloudFlare + minification & concatenation of styles & scripts to reduce HTTP requests)
  • average frequency of website hacking: none (because we user real-time scanning, firewall, double factor authentication and CloudFlare protection)
  • average savings after joining our service plan: 155% (no more cleaning of hacked websites or fixing incompatibilities, no more downtime, no more losing visitors to slow performing website)
  • website stability increase: 250% (measured in downtime and slowdowns compared to previous client’s hosting service)

What others are saying:

  • Mario Zupan, owner, Worldnet LLC

    "Finally I can get some rest..."

    Ever since I've moved my site to your managed hosting and protection, I haven't had a single issue with the performance of my site. The best thing is - I don't have to worry about anything, so that I can freely focus on my core business. I love your service and recommend it to anyone looking to get out of the daily hassle of managing website on their own or simply looking for expert care for their WordPress website.

 Request a quote now – act today and we’ll throw in CloudFlare* integration with no extra charge (this is a limited offer)!

*Online threats range from nuisances like comment spam and excessive bot crawling to malicious attacks like SQL injection and denial of service (DOS) attacks. Cloudflare provides protection against all of these types of threats and more to keep your website safe. Learn more at www.cloudflare.com

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  • Ivana Ercegović, Sky Action Media Productions, sky-action.com

    "Once again, thanks - we look forward to working with you soon!"

    Dear Webconstructors' team, first of all, thank you for the successfully completed project of our website redesign. You've gained our trust by your expertise and knowledge, and fulfilled our expectations. Since our website is quite "alive", we've always been striving to have a system in place where we can freely edit our content. Up until now we've battled with different CMS solutions, ready made WordPress templates, etc. But, somehow, we've always had issues with updating, plugins, support, incompatibilities and flexibility. You tailored a website exactly to our needs. The solution you gave us is modern and stable, and very user friendly with custom designed back end. Andrea has helped us to put into words our message, and bring to life our visual content. Among other things, we've improved our search engine rankings. Working with your team has been very pleasant, and all according to the initial quote.
  • Luka Gredelj, IT section, ISD LLC, www.isd.hr

    “I feel like we didn`t have to explain much about our vision and what we wanted, and the result was exactly what we imagined”

      We needed a new website, attractive, in line with contemporary trends and technology. We did some digging around, browsed through your portfolio, and the decision was quickly made. The thing we liked the most was accessibility and curtesy of your staff. Every single one of our questions was quickly met with an answer. You also quickly and conscientiously acknowledged our ideas. I feel like we didn`t have to explain much about our vision and what we wanted, and the result was exactly what we imagined. Also, not once was I told that something was not doable, which speaks volume about the quality of your developers. We feel like the project was executed quite smoothly, and you went out of your way to conform to our wishes. There were simply no negative experiences. All of our expectations were exceeded, and we absolutely recommend your team to everyone. Every single one of our ideas were acknowledged, even though we even might not have realised how complicated some of those ideas were. We received a turn-key project, instructions on how to manage the site ourselves, and we also got an attractive and modern website. Overall experience with your team is an absolute A+.
  • Martina Pernar, marketing manager, Paška sirana d.d., welovecheese.club

    "We're happy with the communication and exchange of information, as well as with the responsiveness in solving problems"

    We started together on the project We Love cheese club by Paška sirana. Working together was great. We were given very specific and usable suggestions about our presence on the internet. We were offered a very unique identity for our store - a cartoon styled e-commerce website that can attractively convey our idea and spirit to our target market. The whole team was very professional and we recommend them to anyone who wants a professionally done website or online shop.
  • Vanja Andročec, owner, IMP LLC, imp-sport.com

    "Webconstructors' team gives great care to details, they are quick and thorough in solving problems".

    They sent me a newsletter I could not refuse. The wording was so serious, knowledgeable and was a great preface to our cooperation. Throughout the negotiations there was professionalism and experience, and this is why I chose them. Working with them, I came to appreciate the attention they give to details, the responsiveness in which they reply to questions and never ending desire to improve the website even after the project was long over. I love the constant support and help, because I get things done so much quicker. I highly recommend them to everyone!
  • Hrvoje Veber, OPG Hrvoje Veber, www.pcelarstvo-veber.hr

    "We are overwhelmingly satisfied with the implemented solutions, the advises we've been given, and count on your team for our upcoming projects!"

    We're good at what we do, if not best - and that's beekeeping and manufacturing honey and highest quality honey products. Usually, people from our world don't take it a step further and deal with sales and marketing, which we know is necessary. This is why we were looking for a partner that knows what we want, and can do it for an affordable price. We've looked over hundreds of online stores, received dozens of quotes, read tons of materials, and talked to a lot of companies. Webconstructors' team intrigued us with their approach and ideas, together with their professionalism that came in the following stages of the project. We feel we've come across a very good, if not the best team around.
  • Iva Denona, designer, Denona LLC

    “It can`t be done” was never an option for WebConstructors

    WebConstructor`s team quickly created a website according to all of our wishes, they acknowledged all of our remarks, completely fulfilling all of our expectations. “It can`t be done” was never an answer we received. The website was created without a single phone call, and the communication was flawless! I recommended them to others, and I hope we will work together again soon!